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Our Purpose

New Hope Home is a structured Christian sober living home for women who have struggled in the past with their addictions.


Our purpose is to provide these women a safe place to call home while they establish a new lifestyle and get their feet on solid ground.

Our hope is for our woman to learn how to live a sober healthy life, find employment, and become productive individuals in their communities.

Our Program

New Hope Home (NHH) is providing safe sober living for up to 6 women who are in the program. A female manager lives on the premises to provide guidance, structure and stability. Life skills classes and Bible studies are consistently conducted in the home. Our women are taught how to get along peacefully with others and build healthy relationships. 

Applicants will have successfully completed a recovery program. Everyone in the program is required to attend at least three AA/NA meetings a week and have a sponsor. Random drug testing is conducted in the home.  In addition, NHH offers a one on one mentorship program designed for individuals seeking additional support in their recovery. 


Each woman is expected to seek employment and volunteer a few hours a month in the community.


Statistics show the people who leave a recovery center to return home have a relapse rate of 90% in the first year. That percentage is cut to 50% after just three months in sober living. The longer one is able to remain in sober living, the greater their chances of maintaining sobriety.


NHH has no time limits on length of stay, as long as they are progressing with a determination to succeed, unlike many shelters that have a maximum stay of 90 days. We understand that change takes time and is unique for each individual.

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